I’m not dead. Yet. Week 14 NFL picks

December 13, 2009

I remembered last week when my Saints almost gave it away (to the freakin’ REDSKINS!) the positive effect my picks have on their performance. So here’s more eleventh-hour predictions from yours truly.

Or maybe she’s the good luck charm. Whatev.

Thursday, December 10
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns, 8:20

Sunday, December 13
Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs, 1
Carolina Panthers @ New England Patriots, 1
Cincinnati Bengals @ Minnesota Vikings, 1
Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts, 1
Detroit Lions @ Baltimore Ravens, 1
Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears, 1
Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars, 1
New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons, 1
New York Jets @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1
Seattle Seahawks @ Houston Texans, 1
St. Louis Rams @ Tennessee Titans, 1
Washington Redskins @ Oakland Raiders, 4:05
San Diego Chargers @ Dallas Cowboys, 4:15
Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants, 8:20

Monday, December 14
Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers, 8:30

So the past million posts have been football picks. That’ll change soon, my dears. I hope.


Turkey turkey gobble gobble: NFL week 12 picks

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American lovelies!

Thursday, November 26

  • Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions, 12:30
  • Oakland Raiders @ Dallas Cowboys, 4:15
  • New York Giants @ Denver Broncos, 8:20

Sunday, November 29

  • Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans, 1
  • Carolina Panthers @ New York Jets, 1
  • Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings, 1
  • Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals, 1
  • Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans, 1
  • Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills, 1
  • Seattle Seahawks @ St. Louis Rams, 1
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons, 1
  • Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles, 1
  • Jacksonville Jaguars @ San Francisco 49ers, 4:05
  • Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers, 4:05
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens, 8:20

Monday, November 30

  • New England Patriots @ New Orleans Saints, 8:30

Geauuuuuuux Saints! Eeep!

Sheets in the city: NFL week 11 picks

November 19, 2009

What a lovely way to spend a dreary Thursday afternoon – sitting in the laundromat (my first trip!), watching the clothes spin (one of my favorite things), and watching Chowder (one of my favorite shows)  in the kids’ corner. AND doing my picks. I’m SO getting a front-loading washer after this. Seeing the bubbles and the colors is definitely worth the price of admission. Plus: a huge shout-out and God bless to the nice man who gave us his leftover laundry cash cards! YAY!

It’s the little things in life. I feel so chic like a city girl.

On to more pertinent things…

Another favorite: Natalie Dee ❤

Thursday, November 19

  • Miami Dolphins @ Carolina Panthers

Sunday, November 22

  • Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants
  • Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Cleveland Browns @ Detroit Lions (you can doooo itttttt)
  • Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens
  • New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (srsly?)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs
  • San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers
  • Seattle Seahawks @ Minnesota Vikings
  • Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys
  • Arizona Cardinals @ St. Louis Rams
  • Cincinnati Bengals @ Oakland Raiders
  • New York Jets @ New England Patriots
  • San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos
  • Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears

Monday, November 23

  • Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans

Just under the wire: NFL week 10 picks

November 12, 2009

As I log in to post my picks for this week, my computer’s clock says 8:19. So technically, I’m still in time for tonight’s 8:20 kickoff. Ha! Tonight’s game is the season’s first Thursday night event on the NFL Network. Too bad it’s Bears/Niners…who cares about them anyway? (Sorry if you do…and I guess I do have a little thing for Jay Cutler.)

Ain’t no Drew Brees, but he’ll do.

Bye: Houston, NY Giants

Thursday, November 12

  • Chicago Bears @ San Francisco 49ers

Sunday, November 15

  • Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers
  • Buffalo Bills @ Tennessee Titans
  • Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Denver Broncos @ Washington Redskins
  • Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings
  • Jacksonville Jaguars @ New York Jets
  • New Orleans Saints @ St. Louis Rams
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Miami Dolphins
  • Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders
  • Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers
  • Philadelphia Eagles @ San Diego Chargers
  • Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals
  • New England Patriots @ Indianapolis Colts

Monday, November 16

  • Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

PS – See what I mean about the quarterback switcheroo and the colors being the same? You’d never know this wasn’t a current picture if it wasn’t for the helmet.

PPS – I’m working on a football basics guide by request, so send in your questions guys and gals!

I won!!!

November 10, 2009

With MNF in its final minutes (and with us both picking Denver), I thought I’d go ahead and update y’all on this week’s B&tC pick ’em challenge.

A Boy: 6-6 (6-7 if Denver loses)

Me: 9-3 (9-4 if Denver loses)

Yeah. That’s right. But the sweetest part? Saints go 8-0. Um, who dat?

Hellllls yeah.


November 9, 2009

Since graduating from nursing school (where no nail polish was good nail polish), my nails have been painted CONSTANTLY – hot pink, black, dark green, purple, aqua…you name it, I’ve done it. I guess I ran out of inspiration ’cause lately I’ve just been rocking my nails au naturale. Well consider me inspired – these manis rock!

My next one will be Zoya Raven with a LA Girls taupe holographic glitter a la Lianne’s “Blackberry Bling:”

And Katy Perry’s blingin’ it out, just how I like it:


What are your favorite fall nail trends? Let me know in the comments!

I WILL beat that: NFL week 9 picks

November 7, 2009

There’s a lot at stake this week. A Boy (as opposed to “The Boy,” which I don’t have) sent me his picks for the week, so bragging rights are up for grabs. Especially since he’s a Carolina fan. I can respect a few, like Bengals over Baltimore, but my Saints with their first loss to his Panthers? ‘Tainthappnin.’

Bye: Buffalo, Cleveland, Minnesota, NY Jets, Oakland, St. Louis

Sunday, November 8

  • Arizona Cardinals @ Chicago Bears
  • Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals
  • Green Bay Packers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts
  • Kansas City Chiefs @ Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots
  • Washington Redskins @ Atlanta Falcons
  • Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints
    [yeahhhh boy]
  • Detroit Lions @ Seattle Seahawks
  • San Diego Chargers @ New York Giants
  • Tennessee Titans @ San Francisco 49ers
  • Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles

Monday, November 9

  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Denver Broncos
Sexy AND funny? Hey-lo.

Too bad I’m going to miss the Carolina beatdown. C-tina and I are going to Dane Cook! Don’t worry, I’ll be DVRing the game for another good laugh when I get home.

Major-league products for a minor-league price: ELF cosmetics

November 2, 2009

ELF, come on, you’re KILLING me here. Today I dropped by Tar-jhay with B. to pick up some cheap Halloween candy (a SUPER-SIZED bag of Kit-Kats for $3?! Yes please!) and perused the ELF items. For those not in the know, ELF stands for Eyes Lips Face and their standard line items retail for a staggering $1 each. They also offer a mineral line and a Studio line, with those items retailing for around $3 each.

Recently the blogosphere got all worked up when ELF announced they would partner with Target to produce specially-packaged items to for the chain. See, I was a bit confused, because my Target has always had elf, albeit in “regular” packaging. That confusion was heightened when I got to the beauty department today and in one endcap were the new, sleek, black boxes with an assortment of new “for-Target-only” goodies, and in another display right next to it was the traditional ELF stuff. Um, what? The new display was really picked over so I headed over to the old one…holy moly. I’d never looked at the shadow quads before but they had some really gorgeous colors. It seems that I’d heard that they weren’t that pigmented but now I’d really love to try them out.

There was also a “newly designed” eyelash curler in the old display, which piqued my interest since that’s one of my favorite items from the line. Neither display had any brushes, which is a shame because their standard eyeshadow brush is my most favorite tool EVER (I have five). Word is that Studio brushes will debut in Target sometime next year, which I’m really excited about. I have the flat-top Studio powder brush and it’s amazing for applying mineral or powder foundation. Oddly enough, I’m also loving their Studio blush brush for applying liquid foundation (I was trying to find something in my stash similar to the Sephora #55, which I am really wanting to try).

ELF sends me emails all the time with online coupon codes and offers, and although I walked out of Target empty-handed today, I have a feeling I’ll be placing an online order soon. In today’s newsletter I saw that they have a new Studio lip balm (supposedly comparable to the Fresh sugar lip treatment) and a new line of Studio pressed powders. I jump at the chance to try new powder foundations in hopes of finding something I like as well as my MAC Studio Fix. Click the image to learn more!

Will you be checking out ELF at Target? Let me know in the comments!

I can tell you my love for you will still be strong… MLB postseason 2009

October 31, 2009

You wouldn’t know from my lack of coverage that my favorite sport of all is Major League Baseball. The postseason has kinda gotten away from me after all my favorite teams dropped out, one by one. Right now we’re smack-dab in the middle of the granddaddy of them all…the fall classic…the WORLD SERIES. The Phillies and Yankees are all knotted up at one game apiece with game three tied right now 3-3. Let’s take a look at how the boys of summer became the men of October.

Yankees beat Twins, 3-0
Angels beat Boston, 3-0

Yankees beat Angels, 4-2

Phils win it all in 2008

Phillies beat Rockies, 3-1
Dodgers beat Cardinals, 3-0 (boo hiss)

Phillies beat Dodgers, 4-1

Are you kidding, I can’t even finish this post without the Yankees scoring. I’m praying for a repeat of last year, ’cause who wants to see the Evil Empire with another feather in their caps?

This song always makes me think of driving down to the ocean with my old boyfriend, unsuccessfully looking for a place to park near the beach, sun on my face, wind in my hair, love in my heart.

It’s ‘spooky’ how good I am: NFL week 8 picks

October 31, 2009

Long time, no see, my loves. It seems that writer’s block has gotten the best of me…so much, in fact, that I couldn’t even be bothered to make picks last week! When my Saints struggled in the first half (6-0, baby), I figured I should resume. I MUST be the lucky charm, you know.

Bye: Cin, KC, NE, Pittsburgh, TB, Washington
(Pssst…hey sis, and others wondering, a bye means the team has the week off to max and relax in their supersized cribs and watch football all day like the rest of us.)

Sunday, November 1

  • Cleveland Browns @ Chicago Bears
  • Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens
  • Houston Texans @ Buffalo Bills
  • Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets
  • Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers
  • San Francisco 49ers @ Indianapolis Colts
  • Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys
  • St. Louis Rams @ Detroit Lions
  • Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans
  • Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers
  • Carolina Panthers @ Arizona Cardinals
  • New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

Monday, November 2

  • Atlanta Hawks @ New Orleans Saints (it’s jambalaya night!)
n22211552_36491000_6293Last year, even in spite of being mortally wounded earlier at my own football game, I was super-excited for the Saints on MNF.

Have a safe and happy Halloween my dears!