Um…it’s the off season?

Long time, no see.  Soooo what’s happened since we last spoke?  Well, the Saints won the Super Bowl, I gave up buying makeup for Lent, spring training got underway, oh, and this little thing called March Madness kicks off tomorrow.  You said you wanna see my bracket?  But of course….

And if there are any boys reading this (that means you, B.ry) try not to cry when I kick your ass.


3 Responses to “Um…it’s the off season?”

  1. B.ry Says:

    You know a lot about make-up. So you will know how to stop your eye liner when it runs after you cry from getting your ass beat. You are going down.

  2. Talmage Says:

    Haha, nice national champion choice….. 😀

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