How much is your face worth? (Not as much as A.Rod.)

The always lovely Rae of theNotice had an interesting post this morning calculating the cost of her “face” today. Count all the products on your face right this very minute (i.e., no cleansers of exfoliators, but including serums, treatments, moisturizers, etc.) Mine’s kind of unfair, since I hardly ever use the same products two days in a row.

German Nivea, $15 (according to Rae, but I got mine for a measley $4)
Desert Essence jojoba oil, $6
Acne-Free senstive treatment, $8 (got in a kit for $10 on clearance at Walgreens)

Px All Skins mineral foundation $34 (scored for $15 on eBay)
Coty Airspun powder $8

MAC Gentle mineralize blush, $22 (bought on LJ for $16)

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, $10
Almay Pure Blends eyeshadow in Wheat, $9 (scored for $2ish at CVS beauty clearance)
WnW cream eyeliner, $3 (paid $1.50 at Walgreens sale)
WnW MegaLengths mascara, $3

Cover Girl TruShine Wine Shine, $7 (less than $2 on clearance 😦 at RiteAid )

from the gorgeous miss Kristina at Sasquatch Swatch

$77.50!  And I’m sporting the super-natural, low-key look today.  Also, did you notice how many products I got on sale?  My face probably “retails” for over $100.  Still not too bad.

How much is your face worth today? Link ’em or leave ’em, pretties!


4 Responses to “How much is your face worth? (Not as much as A.Rod.)”

  1. Rae Says:

    My total would resemble yours a lot more closely if I wasn’t so attached to my Lancome *sigh* I can’t believe you found German Nivea for that price! I’m jealous 😛

    • selecu Says:

      seriously. email me. i’ve already given two tubs away to my sisters….and i just may need some annabelle in my life. you know.

  2. Josi Says:

    With all the expensive skincare I get to try, I’m LITERALLY scared to check my baggage when we fly. Forget about designer jeans..I’m all designer cremes (and you can fit a lot more of it in your suitcase)!

    And btw, I’m totally taking “shit-tastic”…and I am SO sorry about your car and electronic goods :(.

    Keep on keepin on and enjoy that boy this weekend!

  3. T Says:

    This is an excellent entry. I will consider the cost of my face next time I apply it. That trushine look beautiful on you! So sad they discontinued.

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