The fine print: notes about the blog

While I’m sitting here at work attempting to look busy and with little else to do but eat my Apple Jacks, I thought I’d mention a few things that are, you know, required by law.

The FTC recently ruled that bloggers must disclose whether the products they review were personally purchased or acquired for free from a company’s PR agency. All the products I have featured thus far on B&tC were purchased by me. With my own money. From my bank account. I did receive some free samples of Aquanil after I bought my own bottle, but I let you guys know how you can get yours too.

Since my digital camera is God knows where, most of the pictures on the blog I find through Google images. I always link back to the original webpage from which the image came; just click on the image to be redirected.

Photos of me were taken by my friend and former roommate (((stw))) and they are her personal property. If for some reason you want to use one of these images, please please ask first!

Like this (the love of my life, Old Gregg). Look but don’t touch.


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