And the budgeting begins: my last beauty haul of 2009

Happy holidays, people! New Year’s Eve is my least favorite holiday of the year (tied with July 4)…I don’t know why, I guess I just never have plans and sit around watching Twilight Zone marathons. But today wasn’t half bad – after work I was idling around town before I decided to head to Walmart to check out some Hard Candy. Before that, I stopped in at the Dollar Tree and hit the JACKPOT. Recessionista at Nouveau Cheap is always doing posts about the awesome things she finds at dollar stores, so I thought I’d join the party.

I got three Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine Glosses in Nectar (a light nude-beige), Berry (a sheer berry red), and….another one I can’t be arsed to go get out of the car, but it’s a light natural pink. These are super moisturizing and taste and smell delicious. I’m a sucker for anything with the word “butter” in the name and these were definitely worth the $1 price tag.

I also got four (eep!) Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine for lips in Jasmine, Peony, Ginger, and Orchid. The first three colors are natural-looking pinky-mauves, while Orchid is a brighter, darker purple-pink. I’ve only tried Jasmine, but it was very pigmented and actually came out darker than the looked in the tube. These are, in my opinion, actually liquid lipsticks instead of glosses. Jasmine has a glossy, rather frosty finish which I’m not a huge fan of, but I think with the right eye makeup it could work.

I grabbed the only Sally Hansen Moist & Matte lipstick I could find, this one in Linen. It’s a warm light pinky-brown. I only have one other Moist & Matte (in Shantaug) and while its orangey color isn’t quite for me I do like the formula. It’s a liquid lipstick in a twist-up tube and the finish is just what it says – moist and matte.

Finally I got a couple of Maybelline nail polishes – a Salon Finish in Nude Creme and an Express Finish in Matte Grape. The names are pretty self-explanatory, though I would say that the grape is more of a dark smoky blue-plum.

From Walmart I got a Pure Ice nail polish in Kiss Me Here (concrete gray), a Wet ‘n’ Wild blush in Heather Silk (bright medium pink…I’ve heard it’s a dupe for NARS Mata Hari, I believe), and a set of Fing’rs Edge nails (black french tips with skulls). I have them on now and they’re totally badass. I like them so much I may not even take them off for my friend’s wedding on Saturday. I can’t find a photo of these online ANYWHERE, but they’re available on their website.

(Psssst…tonight, by accident, I discovered a neat little trick for applying fake nails. I didn’t want the glue to ruin my nails, so I applied two coats of strengthener [Sally Hansen Get Thicker] and let dry until tacky. I then went to match the fake nails up to my real ones, and I found that they stuck on really well to my freshly polished nails. It’s only been a few hours so I can’t say how the wear will be, but I’ll pretty much try ANYTHING to keep me from having to use nail glue!)

Sorry for the lack of pictures, lovelies! My camera’s been MIA since my move in July. I guess I can’t really make fun of my sister’s boyfriend for losing his Wii in his last move.

Here’s to a beautiful 2010!


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