Since graduating from nursing school (where no nail polish was good nail polish), my nails have been painted CONSTANTLY – hot pink, black, dark green, purple, aqua…you name it, I’ve done it. I guess I ran out of inspiration ’cause lately I’ve just been rocking my nails au naturale. Well consider me inspired – these manis rock!

My next one will be Zoya Raven with a LA Girls taupe holographic glitter a la Lianne’s “Blackberry Bling:”

And Katy Perry’s blingin’ it out, just how I like it:


What are your favorite fall nail trends? Let me know in the comments!


2 Responses to “WHY ARE THESE NAILS SO CUTE?!”

  1. Josi Says:

    Okay, the black and gold accented thumb and ring finger have New Year’s written all over it!!!! How freakin’ original (not anymore). 🙂

    • selecu Says:

      i knowwww! I couldn’t find my black polish (I was going to do black and gold Saints-style) so I just settled for a standard navy mani. Oh well! I’m still looking!

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