Major-league products for a minor-league price: ELF cosmetics

ELF, come on, you’re KILLING me here. Today I dropped by Tar-jhay with B. to pick up some cheap Halloween candy (a SUPER-SIZED bag of Kit-Kats for $3?! Yes please!) and perused the ELF items. For those not in the know, ELF stands for Eyes Lips Face and their standard line items retail for a staggering $1 each. They also offer a mineral line and a Studio line, with those items retailing for around $3 each.

Recently the blogosphere got all worked up when ELF announced they would partner with Target to produce specially-packaged items to for the chain. See, I was a bit confused, because my Target has always had elf, albeit in “regular” packaging. That confusion was heightened when I got to the beauty department today and in one endcap were the new, sleek, black boxes with an assortment of new “for-Target-only” goodies, and in another display right next to it was the traditional ELF stuff. Um, what? The new display was really picked over so I headed over to the old one…holy moly. I’d never looked at the shadow quads before but they had some really gorgeous colors. It seems that I’d heard that they weren’t that pigmented but now I’d really love to try them out.

There was also a “newly designed” eyelash curler in the old display, which piqued my interest since that’s one of my favorite items from the line. Neither display had any brushes, which is a shame because their standard eyeshadow brush is my most favorite tool EVER (I have five). Word is that Studio brushes will debut in Target sometime next year, which I’m really excited about. I have the flat-top Studio powder brush and it’s amazing for applying mineral or powder foundation. Oddly enough, I’m also loving their Studio blush brush for applying liquid foundation (I was trying to find something in my stash similar to the Sephora #55, which I am really wanting to try).

ELF sends me emails all the time with online coupon codes and offers, and although I walked out of Target empty-handed today, I have a feeling I’ll be placing an online order soon. In today’s newsletter I saw that they have a new Studio lip balm (supposedly comparable to the Fresh sugar lip treatment) and a new line of Studio pressed powders. I jump at the chance to try new powder foundations in hopes of finding something I like as well as my MAC Studio Fix. Click the image to learn more!

Will you be checking out ELF at Target? Let me know in the comments!


One Response to “Major-league products for a minor-league price: ELF cosmetics”

  1. T Says:

    I was confused about the introduction of the ELF line because my Target has had Elf for a while, and I like in the boondocks where up-and-coming things aren’t usually available. Anyway, I am totally intrigued by the pressed powder. I have really enjoyed the majority of the studio line.

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