It’s ‘spooky’ how good I am: NFL week 8 picks

Long time, no see, my loves. It seems that writer’s block has gotten the best of me…so much, in fact, that I couldn’t even be bothered to make picks last week! When my Saints struggled in the first half (6-0, baby), I figured I should resume. I MUST be the lucky charm, you know.

Bye: Cin, KC, NE, Pittsburgh, TB, Washington
(Pssst…hey sis, and others wondering, a bye means the team has the week off to max and relax in their supersized cribs and watch football all day like the rest of us.)

Sunday, November 1

  • Cleveland Browns @ Chicago Bears
  • Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens
  • Houston Texans @ Buffalo Bills
  • Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets
  • Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers
  • San Francisco 49ers @ Indianapolis Colts
  • Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys
  • St. Louis Rams @ Detroit Lions
  • Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans
  • Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers
  • Carolina Panthers @ Arizona Cardinals
  • New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

Monday, November 2

  • Atlanta Hawks @ New Orleans Saints (it’s jambalaya night!)
n22211552_36491000_6293Last year, even in spite of being mortally wounded earlier at my own football game, I was super-excited for the Saints on MNF.

Have a safe and happy Halloween my dears!


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