Show those pearly whites

Thanks to Christian, dear friend of my fauxsister and all-around super-sweet gal, for this tip! (Her husband’s a dentist, so consider this professional advice.) Everyone wants a dazzling smile and we all know that oral health is a key component to overall health and beauty, but who has time to floss these days? You do, if you keep a pack of flossers in your car. Floss on the way to work or school, at red lights, in traffic jams, whatever. I’m so going to try this out!

I’ve also been trying out Kandee’s teeth whitening regimen. It’s working out well so far, and it costs under $10! Check out her video for more.

Ha ha, for a post on oral health my go-to people are a SWEET friend and a gal named Kandee.


2 Responses to “Show those pearly whites”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Hey, Sara! Liking the blog so far! Clearly, I’m paying more attention to the “beauty” portions and skimming over the “cleats” part, haha. I’m interested to hear how this teeth whitening goes, so let me know!
    Love you,

    • selecu Says:

      Hey doll! I’m glad you like it! It’s so funny you say that; a guy friend told me a few days ago that he skips the “girly” parts. haha. I went to my first Hurricanes game last night and I think I have some pictures girls will be INTERESTED in, wink wink! love love love love you!

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