WHO DAT? NFL week 5 picks

I hope y’all were watching last week when my Saints intercepted that pass on the ONE YARD LINE and took it back for a touchdown. Ahhh, I love the NFL RedZone channel. Also, I just found my Reggie Bush jersey, yay. Of course we’re off this week, boo.

Bye: Chicago, Green Bay, New Orleans (4-0 hollaaaa), San Diego


  • Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens
  • Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills
  • Dallas Cowboys @ Kansas City Chiefs
  • Minnesota Vikings @ St. Louis Rams
  • Oakland Raiders @ New York Giants
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Detroit Lions
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Philadelphia Eagles
  • Washington Redskins @ Carolina Panthers (don’t make me regret this, cats)
  • Atlanda Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers
  • Houston Texans @ Arizona Cardinals
  • Jacksonville Jaguars @ Seattle Seahawks
  • New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos (please?)
  • Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans


  • New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins

I am falling asleep as I write this, so some of my iffy picks may be a result of delerium. I woke up with a crying babe at 4:30 this morning, then thought I was going to have to take my fauxsister to the hospital, and didn’t get back to sleep until she got up at 6:30. All this after watching the BoSox get shut out and going to bed around 2.

Lucky lady.

Speaking of which, Joe Nathan just blew ANOTHER save, this time in the ALDS versus the Yankees. Somebody’s paying that man off. And as I watch Nick Swisher bat, I realize fauxsister is out right now with a man who could pass as his twin. No joke. More on the MLB postseason tomorrow, promise.

PS – In case I texted you the title of this post last week and you were clueless, this is what I meant.


2 Responses to “WHO DAT? NFL week 5 picks”

  1. diamond Says:

    Your picks look pretty good to me-see you soon?

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