I’ll just take a $92 endorsement: Hard Candy cosmetics

Did y’all know that according to si.com, Tiger Woods makes almost ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS a year, with $92 million in endorsements? Get. Out. What would one even do with $100 million?

One answer: buy a whole lotta Hard Candy. My first Sephora purchase ever was a Hard Candy glitter eyeliner, brown with gold sparkles. I never use it now but, ahhh, the nostalgia. Now that Hard Candy can be found at Walmart, I can afford to let my collection multiply and grow. A comprehensive look at the line can be found at Nouveau Cheap, but here’s a quick rundown on what I scooped up.

Run right out and get...

  • Painted Lady lipstick in Crush. Beautiful golden-coral-red. It reminds me a lot of my favorite MAC lipstick, Lightly Ripe, the only lipstick of which I own backups. Sheer feel, not creamy or heavy. And how could you not love that packaging?

  • Blush Crush baked blush in Honeymoon. Light peach shimmer with cool pink veining. This blush makes me want to start reciting Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Very similar in color to MAC’s Moon River (HoneyMOON, duh), but instead of the frosty mess I usually get with the former, Honeymoon delivers a lovely, glowy flush of color. Glow of health, not sparkle of disco ball. Ahhhh. My fair-skinned girls NEED to pick this up.

You might consider getting…

  • Intensif-eye Radiant Shadow Stick in Star. A vibrant royal blue cream shadow stick. Color payoff isn’t the greatest, but I think it would work better as a base (NYX Green Tea shadow is lovely over top). It did crease and wear off kind of quickly, but to be fair my lids were pretty oily and I didn’t prep them at all. I can’t wait to try it under MAC Bang On Blue.
  • Ginormous Lash mascara in Mudslide. I was expecting a maroon-brown with some shimmer from the looks of the tube, but it’s just your basic brown mascara. I also expected a huge wand a la Diorshow, but it’s actually a thin plastic brush with rows of little plastic combs, kind of like Cover Girl Volume Exact. I wouldn’t venture to say that my lashes were anywhere near “ginormous,” but it’s a good basic mascara nonetheless. I prefer slightly dryer mascara formulas, so maybe after this thickens up a bit I’ll have better results.

You can skip:

  • Balm Girls tinted lip balm in Carol. Sheer (putting it mildly) purple-berry. I don’t think they know the meaning of “tinted.” This, my friends, is a clear balm masquerading as a super-pretty color in the tube. I swatched it on my hand, I put it on my lips, and there is no color to be seen. It also has a funky smell and taste so off-putting that I’m thinking about taking it back. These seriously need to be flavored to match up with that cute packaging. However, they are very glossy and moisturizing so if you can take the taste of Play-doh, have at it.

Have you tried any of the new Hard Candy products? Let me know what you think?


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