Race to October: MLB current standings

With exactly one week left in the regular season, all eyes are on the MLB pennant races. What that means is that the winners of every division, along with one wild card team from both the American and National Leagues, get set to compete for the biggest prize in baseball: a World Series championship! My Cardinals already clinched the NL Central, but let’s take a look at who else is preparing to play fall ball.

American League:

New York Yankees lead East (ew)
Boston Red Sox 8.5 games back

Detriot Tigers lead Central
Minnesota Twins 2 games back

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim lead West
Texas Rangers 6 games back

National League:

Philadelphia Phillies lead East
Atlanta Braves 5 games back

St. Louis Cardinals clinched Central
Chicago Cubbies 8.5 games back (HA!)

Los Angeles Dodgers clinched playoff berth and lead West
Colorado Rockies 4.5 games back

Wild Card:

Boston leads AL with Texas 6 games back
Colorado leads NL with Atlanta 2.5 games back

GOOOOOO BRAVES! Come on, you can do it, you’ve got the Nationals to end the season.

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