I need a restraining order: La Mer The Radiant Concealer

Last week, Bobbi Brown Long Wearing Metallic Cream Shadows were virtually stalking me, showing up on every website and blog I visited. This week it’s La Mer’s The Radiant Concealer SPF 25. It claims to be created with a mishmash of gemstones to reflect light and cover those dark circles, as well as an Asian mushroom and fancy-schmancy high-tech polymers to soothe the skin and deliver a perfect finish. My girl Christine/Temptalia says it “optically erases imperfections” (ooooooer) while Marina over at Makeup Loves Me says it makes her look as if she has “the skin of a goddess.”  Who wouldn’t want that?  And just look how pretty it is, with its own fancy little brush:

This sucker’s also been found at Blogdorf Goodman, Beautiful Makeup Search, and Beauty Blogging Junkie.  Ladies, give me a break.

The next time I have a spare $65 lying around, I’ll be sure to head on over and pick one up at cremedelamer.com.


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