Do-gooder Friday

Nothing makes you feel warm and fuzzy like helping other people.  For a free way to help, scroll down to my SocialVibe button on the right sidebar.  I’ve chosen to sponsor the non-profit group To Write Love on Her Arms, which helps people dealing with depression, suicide, and substance addiction.  As a nurse, almost every patient I see is dealing with some kind of mental health issue, from just being separated from their families to major depression.  Seeing how everyone is affected at some point makes me very passionate about mental health.

To help, just watch a short video, rate it, and TWLOHA gets five minutes of hotline time.  My goal is for B&tC readers to raise an hour of time by the end of September.  World Suicide Prevention Day was yesterday and I think this week is TWLOHA week; please take a few seconds to help this very worthy cause.

While you’re at it, check out this amazing story from CBS News.  I wish they had the video loaded, because it seriously was one of the most touching things I’ve seen in a long time.  Usually I think the Assignment America stories are kinda kitschy, but this one is really worth checking out because this is, like, the sweetest man in the world.  CBS is scheduled to set up a page on their website where you can donate to this awesome guy, and I hope you seriously consider it.  I know I will.


2 Responses to “Do-gooder Friday”

  1. stw Says:

    i LOVED that story. talk about precious and tear jerking. it’s so nice to be reminded of good things in the news. let’s have more good news more often!

    • selecu Says:

      stw. omg i’m still not used to that. i know, it totally made me cry so you know it’s a big deal. watch your email and i’ll let you in on a sneak peek for this week! thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. i miss you! xo

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