Fourth quarter, no quarter… way

Back at ECU, we take being pirates seriously. Jimmy Buffett is our hero, “argghhh” is our battlecry, and some people think they ARE Captain Morgan. So when we’re ahead nearing the end of a football game, everyone makes the skull and crossbones with their wrists in the spirit of “fourth quarter, no quarter.”  (For you non-pirates, that means ‘take no prisoners.’ We kill you.)

To open the season, however, the football team kinda let that go by the wayside. I think senior safety Van Eskridge said it best: “Today we came out, had a fast start and jumped on them early. I think we kinda relaxed because we were playing so well early.” In addition to chilled-out players, heat cramps from the hot eastern Carolina sun (oddly enough, affecting only the East Carolina players) didn’t help. With a 29-7 lead going into the fourth, the Pirates relaxed enough to allow App to rack up SEVENTEEN POINTS in just over 10 minutes. Fortunately, an App quarterback sack with 1:28 left in the game sealed the deal for the Pirates.

“We had some cramping issues on defense. …I don’t know how you prepare for cramping issues because we’ve run more in this camp than we have in any other camps that I’ve had,” said head coach Skip Holtz (a Greenville celebrity, and yes, son of ESPN great “Dr.” Lou Holtz). Coach, give those boys a banana.

But a win is still a win.  Said Holtz, “It’s great to be 1-0 sitting here this afternoon. Fifty percent of the teams in the country would gladly trade places with us right now.”

Need a recap?  Click to feel like you were there.  Need more Pirates?  Check out Denny’s blogs at Bonesville.

P.S. I like to pretend I know punter Matt Dodge because my roommates played rec soccer with his sister junior year.  And to not know him, I really like him a lot.  Why?  “I told God, ‘I’m going to do this one for You,’ and I knew that He was with me.  I had faith in Him. …Luckily it was a good punt,” he said of his last kick of the game.  Mmmm, yeah, we’re bff’s.


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