Starting rotation: products I’m using right now

I hijacked T’s comment page over at Happy Face, Happy Wallet with my answers to her “what are you using?” poll.  I updated it a bit to share with you beauties.

Shampoo: LUSH Godiva bar (it crumbled all over the shower yesterday! Anyone know how to revive it?)

Conditioner: none (gasp! I know! The shea butter in the bar is enough though.)

Styling products: Trying out Suave Professionals extra hold gel, it’s okay

Shower Gel: LUSH Godiva or Dove Cream Oil body wash

Body moisturizer: Suave Advance Moisture

Deodorant: Ban roll-on in shower fresh?

Fake Tan: A TON, currently Mario Badescu

Cleanser: 1) LUSH Coalface, 2) MAC Cleansing Oil when needed, 3) Mario Badescu Glycolic Cleanser a few times a week

Toner: MB Special Cucumber lotion on breakouts

Exfoliator: the Coalface and my scrubby facial brush do the trick

Primer: None.

Foundation brush: Trying out ELF Studio line powder brush. LOVE. You NEED this in your life. 75 cents.

Concealer: ELF Studio concealer/highlighter duo

Powder: MAC Studio Fix ❤ (looking for a drugstore dupe if anyone’s savvy)

Blush: ELF Studio blush in pink and their bronzer/blush duo

Bronzer: MAC mineralize blush in Nuance

Highlighter: the ELF highlighter from above or MAC Perfect Topping

Eyeshadow base: MB Ceramide eye gel, ELF Studio base/sealer duo (can you tell I just made a haul?)

Eyeshadows: NYX trios are really nice, as is the CQ taupe I bought

Eyeliner: HiP kohls. They’re the only thing I’ve used since January.

Curler: ELF lash curler.

Mascara: I keep using Great Lash Big although I don’t love it that much.

Lipstick: Maybelline Color Sensational

Lipgloss: I suppose you could call Starry Lip Therapy a gloss. Also, Yes to Carrots lip butter in Carrot is love.

Nail Colour: Zoya’s Bekka

What are you using and how do you like it?  I wanna know!


2 Responses to “Starting rotation: products I’m using right now”

  1. T Says:

    no worries, hun. I will say it again. Excellent list of goodies. I need to mosey on over to ELF at some point.

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